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A visit to a "Trapiche"

We visited a 'trapiche' in Fredonia - Antioquia, the mill where the 'panela' is produced, an energetic and very important product in Colombia, completely made of sugarcane. 8 people work in this trapiche in the tradicional way, exactly how they have been doing it for generations, with a lot of handwork and experience. The whole process, from the grinding of the sugarcane, the boiling and evaporation of the juice, called 'guarapo', the cooling and the portion until the panela is cold and hard should be done in one shot. So they start around 11 pm and finish at the next day around 4 pm. There are so many products we don't know the people behind it and all the work that is required.

#workersday #handcrafted #beautifulprocessesbehindproducts #panela #trapiche #guarapo

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